A message from Arthur Giloyan, the author of  Axiodemy conception, to readers and spectators


Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,


Analysing the existing state of affairs in modern society and also the negative influence of military and political sphere on scientific and technical progress, I have arrived at an idea that "Struggle for survival is pursuance of creation, and struggle for creation leads to destruction". It seems important for me to show how a person can lose his individuality and values in modern society and how much all that can affect the future generation and distort perception of the environment. My world outlook required that I should make my feasible contribution to the improvement of various social aspects for the future, by means of creating a number of projects for the transformation of various spheres of  life. These projects have been formulated in the author's conception of "Axiodemy". 


Born in a family where traditional values and national culture were especially esteemed, since my early childhood I was well familiar with literary, musical and art works of classical authors of Armenian culture and national folklore. Since the same time I started to compose verses and music in the Armenian language, subsequently I began to write songs in which I try to reflect such eternal human values as love, friendship, nature, respect of one's native land. I studied at a Soviet school; therefore I am quite familiar with the culture of peoples of the former USSR and works of foreign cultures, many of which are a treasury of panhuman thought and spiritual wealth of the planetary scale. To the present time, I understand the intellectual heritage of the past as a major reference point for my life and creativity. More than 5 years ago I actively started to study political, social and psychological, economic, cultural and civilization processes occurring in the modern world. The purpose of my researches is to study possible trends and prospects of development of the panhuman civilization in the 21st century. On the basis of these researches, I have established a philosophical and futurological conception of the humankind development and I have come to a complicated conclusion which is probably unpromising for some people - as a result of global civilization processes, traditional forms of such major society institutions as family, state, property are gradually giving way to essentially new forms of social institutions. I do not consider my conception as a dogma or the “ultimate truth” and I do not impose my views, but I am convinced that a lot of my ideas and practical suggestions will be useful for the human community and help make objective processes more predictable and manageable from the point of view of social management possibilities. 

I invite all specialists who are interested in global problems of the present time to participate in constructive discussion.  I will be glad to hear possible comments and specific proposals concerning adjustment of major social processes of the present time and the future. 


Thank you for your attention!