New model of family

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A. Giloyan


Axiodemy is the value of people


New model of family.



There are various scientific forecasts that in the near future only a small percentage  of people will be able to continue their kin by the natural way due to psychological and physiological impairments and ecological crises.


Besides that, considerable unevenness of child-bearing on Earth, caused by adopted traditions and customs, complicated social and economic relations inside countries and between subjects of international law. Due to the fact that human nature is based on instincts of self-preservation and continuation of one’s kin, it is important to support political views about improvement of the demographic situation, while preserving the natural way of reproduction.

However, it is necessary to note that uncontrollable child-bearing and uneven distribution of population by different regions of the planet can become a reason for global social and economic, political and civilisational conflicts on a  global scale.

Based on analysis of the above-stated various global problems of human community in the 21st century, we consider it necessary to preserve the balance of population. Nowadays, according to social and economic calculations, it is expedient for a modern family to have two children. 

Apart from the influence of objective factors and global challenges for traditional institutes of  society, in our opinion, humankind as a result of various social and cultural changes will gradually pass to a new form of family and marital relations. 

Considering that in the modern material world the mode of human life changes alongside the development of information technologies, social, gender and age differentiations are erased. Financial restrictions as the most acute manifestation of growing complications of the changeable world, compel and push to self-realisation of an individual person, which in its turn contributes to the occurrence of new conditions and possibilities for growth of individualism and autonomy in the society.

Axiodemy. The family project.

General analysis of development trends of family and marital relations shows that on the one hand, a person has the majority of negative experiences in a traditional family, because there are various principles blocking inner world and freedom of a person. On the other hand, in modern democratic countries one can observe a sharp increase in the number of adulteries, divorces and declining birth rate. Created psychological tension and inbalance between family members have a negative impact both on parents and children, as a result a child becomes a hostage of family relations,  that can negatively influence the future of  a person’s gene pool. In other words, both traditional and modern family models are in crisis.

Taking into consideration protection of family and its self-reproduction as the main objective, it is expedient to found SIC (State Insurance Companies) in the Axiodemy system and to implement the project of a new family model built on the basis of autonomy of each person, with one child in the family (in this case a principle of self-continuation of individual upbringing is applied).

The new system of family relations directly influences the social and political system, prevents the functioning of corruption mechanism and  nepotism. The family project is a basis of political and land reformations, giving a transparency to the professional principle. Direct formation of new type family is carried out voluntarily and will peacefully co-exist with traditional families.


                                          Game ‘Balance in the big world”

 Axiodemy. Family.

In Axiodemic states, a new model of family relations is built in accordance with a scientific world view and is based on knowledgeable aspirations of a person to develop his thinking, therefore such a family can be called a family of the academic type.

In a family of the academic type both partners, a man, and a woman, will bear individual responsibility for continuation of the kin. Academic family is built not by the triad principle - a mother, a father, a child, but according to an absolutely different system: me (a man or a woman, a father or a mother accordingly) and my child.

The state bank carries out credit programmes for state medical institutions which provide the bank with donor cells and render health services to donors. With such arrangement for the family, a person can make a decision to become a donor; in this case he goes through a medical examination and, if necessary, corresponding treatment, then he leaves his donor cells in the bank. The State Insurance Company is responsible for donor cells. In our opinion, a person in modern society should be considered of mature age when he/she is 22 years old and if he/she has no child, he/she can live by such a principle.

First of all, a person needs to register at the State insurance company for the purpose to create a family. From that moment a person can become a donor and a member of the State insurance company.

Personal data of each member are transferred to the insurance companies not only of his country, but also of other Axiodemic countries which have concluded the contract of implementation of the academic type family project.



Axiodemy. Family.

State companies of different countries operate according to the general mechanism in the system of Axiodemic states. SIC (State Insurance Companies) are in the structure of government executive bodies of the country. Management of these structures receives certain stimulating payments (in the form of a percentage) from budgetary funds for the expansion and efficiency of implemented programmes. 

SIC can only be state-owned, because a child is a citizen, a member of society, therefore an insurance company must be powerful and protect all humankind, act within the framework of the law of the country. Branches of SIC have equal conditions to ensure family needs.

Insurance companies assume communication of all their members irrespective of their geographic location by means of Internet resources.

They contain all data about members of the company, free partners, and donors: height, weight, age, colour of skin, race; education and achievements. This information can be given to members on request. If a parent has a wish to get acquainted with the donor who has given his cell for conception of a child, he/she will not be able to find that person.

Axiodemy. Family.

For example, based on today’s approximate calculations, the amount of money to keep a child from 7 to 23 years, that is till his mature age and possibility to continue his kin, is about 25 - 30 % percent of the parent’s average salary. A future parent can take advantage of a bank credit belonging to this company. As a whole, the amount of expenses on preschool education for a child of 2 to 7 is approximately 8-10 % of the average salary. Payment is made in the same way. At this age a child goes to kindergarden. A parent can again take advantage of the credit (and pay it back by installments within 5 years) or use a preschool centre belonging to his insurance company. 

Axiodemy. Family.

In the framework of  this programme a person who has reached the age of 20 and become a member of an insurance company, has a life-long opportunity to take meals at his own expense at especially allocated places - modern, working around the clock, cost-effective canteens, belonging to SIC and located in multi-storeyed architectural structures. 

In case a family moves to another city or country, the same life conditions are preserved because all insurance companies of the Axiodemic states, which have entered the programme of implementation of the academic type family project, represent a uniform well-coordinated mechanism. 



Axiodemy. Family

The new family model enables the resolving various disagreements between spouses, preserving moral and economical stability. In case of divorce, State Insurance Companies are intended to help both parties in search of a new partner, continuation of one's kin and upbringing of children, so that negative consequences of a married couple's divorce do not have an impact on their children.

The new family model gives a feeling of inner freedom of the individual, contributes to transparent relations, thus creating harmony with the surrounding world. In the family model we propose, mutual understanding and love between sexes get stronger, psychology of society stabilises and a true feeling of respect and love for children arises. The family of the academic type helps to obtain independence and regulates balance of the population and thereby ensures a comfortable life and aspiration to self-sufficiency for each person on the planet. 

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Sara Qamar, Lahore 22 April 2015 в 15:05
[I]Do you believe in GOD? YES or NO? Why?[/I]
[I]I understand that the question asked is not inappropriate, but I am very much interested in your point of view on the subject.[/I]
Rozida Roy, Gaya 22 April 2015 в 15:42
I do not like the concept of family relations because it is not developed completely.
ROSE SCORFIELD 23 April 2015 в 17:05
[B]You wrote that a person must continue his kin and have one child .How do you think your concept will be treated by people who follow their own traditions and laws? Of course, I am a person who supports unlimited human freedom.[/B]

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