Political system. Axiodemia.Arthur Giloyan.

21 February 2019 в 17:52

State system

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likhitha 27 September 2019 в 08:59
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Political system. Axiodemia.Arthur Giloyan.

Very informative post ! There is a lot of information here that can help any...

likhitha 08:59, 27.09.2019

XX World Russian People's Council "Russia and the...

To get the best possible alternatives to above issues, just get in contact with Perspective...

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This support was later revealed to be known as Project xCloud, and it will allow...

Jason Beckham 15:54, 02.04.2019

State system

Okay, but these questions they have to answer are testing just knowledge. How can you...

Martin 18:39, 23.01.2016


Many of your ideas about architecture are interesting, but is it not too much to...

Mark 11:52, 22.01.2016

Land reform

I completely agree that we need a radical land reform, but how can you do...

Zoi 13:27, 21.01.2016

Science of Axiodemia

I can agree with the idea that science should be more important in our world....

Pavel 10:38, 21.01.2016


The three polar world in understandable, but I do not understand how you can reduce...

PJ 00:07, 21.01.2016


What kind of political system can ensure the peace and the will of the people?...

Guest 12:31, 19.01.2016

Axiodemy – value of people

Business interests are steering much of the politics instead of the interests of the people,...

Martin 22:46, 18.01.2016