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State system

The geopolitics of the 20th century, unfortunately, has not become a lesson for the humankind. The humankind has passed the tests of two world wars, was on the threshold of conflicts with use of nuclear weapons … and has not learnt anything. The world is still ruled by those who make a stake on brutal force. In the 21st century, the humankind must make conclusions from historical, political, economic and social errors of the previous epoch.

Nowadays, one can observe monopolization of all spheres of public life by super states, which manifests in resolution of geopolitical issues, distribution of world financial streams, control of the world market, which is caused by their military and financial superiority over other countries, i.e. influence of super states is increasing.

Geopolitics must not be identical to the concept of “democracy against the collar”. In the 20th century and even today, geopolitics and geoconflicts have actually acted as equivalent words and practically always manifested in extremes – wars, captures of territories. This is so-called military geopolitics. Russia has very often had to search and give answers to manifestations of aggression from a variety of countries and blocks.

Geopolitics "spins" frequently around central points on the globe. As an example: geopolitics of Afghanistan has rushed into the world context in the 19th century and continues to be actual today. There is a number of other similar examples. Global problems and the challenges that the world community is facing, are accumulated and destroy the mechanism of world order.


No matter how we consider this or that situation in the world, whatever way of transition from one mode to another is used, the democratic system does not enable to keep peace in the whole world because the democratic system allows acute stratification of the society, which can cause civil opposition in any state, By the way, this is what we are observing now. In this system, even development of  science and technologies do not contribute to correction of the situation. The modern democratic world loses its proclaimed balance, all figures on the chessboard are painted one colour where "the mess and chaos are created, and the end-game never comes ".


In the century of globalization, it is necessary to use joint efforts to develop a programme of harmonization of life activities of the human community, the basic condition of which will be peaceful co-existence of all states and peoples of the Earth.

Discussion of these issues is one of tasks of our project – “Axiodemia” platform for debates, where many experts from different countries are represented. 


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