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PhD in History, journalist

The author of monograph “Pskov Court Muniment and the 1st Lithuanian  Statute”.

The author of more than 50 scientific and popular scientific works on historic and legal agenda.

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Land reform


12 22:39, 26.03.2017

Land reform

shipping charges and a $30 restocking fee must be paid.... 22:39, 26.03.2017

State system

Okay, but these questions they have to answer are testing just knowledge. How can you...

Martin 18:39, 23.01.2016


Many of your ideas about architecture are interesting, but is it not too much to...

Mark 11:52, 22.01.2016

Land reform

I completely agree that we need a radical land reform, but how can you do...

Zoi 13:27, 21.01.2016

Science of Axiodemia

I can agree with the idea that science should be more important in our world....

Pavel 10:38, 21.01.2016