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Each person has probably asked oneself a question what he/she can expect in the future. Someone searched for an answer in religious beliefs, someone resorted to experience of science, someone tried to trust esoteric methods (fortune-telling, superstitions etc.). Thus, hardly someone could find a sufficiently convincing answer and fully predict the future.

From the end of the 19th century scientists have regularly created various pictures of the world describing the future. Researchers tried to synthesize earlier existing pictures of the world and their own researches. In the middle of the 20th century, the concept "futurology" has been introduced into the scientific language. It is considered that this term was offered for the first time by a sociologist Osip Flechtheim in 1943. From that time, futurology started to gradually obtain scientific recognition and trust of many people. Nowadays, essentially new and actual futurological concepts are formed in different countries of the world.

Based on the strictly scientific approach, it is not always possible to recognize futurology as a pure science, at least because no futurological concept can be verified nowadays. So, what does futurology study? Certainly, not only abstract future time. It is possible to call a lot of original futurological ideas social futurology. These doctrines are meant to protect interests of a society and a person.

The modern futurology departs from pure subjectivity and voluntarism and rests on serious analysis of social processes, using achievements of many sciences, such as sociology, political science, psychology, economics, etc. thus sociology also rests on the serious basis of social philosophy.

In connection with the above-mentioned, one would like to note the futurological conception of “Axiodemia” which has been formulated by a modern Russian thinker A. Giloyan. Axiodemia is a strongly marked direction of social futurology which, as it is necessary for a serious futurological doctrine, proceeds from philosophical reasoning, aphorisms and fiction and which pays considerable attention to political, economic, demographic problematics. Designing the future, Axiodemia has three methods in its arsenal. The first one is observation of the world around, both from the point of view of social sciences and from the point of view of understanding of common sense. The second method is all-round analysis of observable phenomena: scientific analysis, philosophical analysis and art analysis. And, at last, the third method which distinguishes futurology from any science, is insight experience, i.e. a creative action which transforms observation data and analyses into original author text. Hence, futurology, and in this case, Axiodemia gives to people not only scientific and philosophical arguments and reasoning, but also hope and belief in their own future.

Currently "Axiodemy" is being formed as a media project and expert platform for leading politicians, philosophers, political scientists, sociologists, scientists from Russia and other countries. Among the issues discussed - the development of nanotechnology and quantum physics, the problem of artificial intelligence, religious consciousness, technocracy and so forth.


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